FORTIFY is currently the only product in the industry that can deliver a proactive and preventative wildfire management solution. Public utilities, state and federal agencies, insurance companies, and private homeowners can now protect at-risk locales against wildfire throughout the peak fire season with a single annual treatment of FORTIFY at the beginning of the season.


In addition to providing a proactive solution for wildfire management, independent testing by university researchers has shown the FORTIFY product to be 30-70% more effective than the leading wildland fire retardant used today. FORTIFY more effectively coats and retains retardant on target vegetation and infrastructure assets than other leading products, providing protection against ignitions throughout the peak fire season, even through weathering or high winds. 


The FORTIFY product can be sprayed ahead of fire season or even during an oncoming fire threat.

The FORTIFY product can be sprayed ahead of fire season or even during an oncoming fire threat through standard application equipment such as hydroseeders, tank sprayers, or even aircraft. If you are using equipment to spray a fire retardant today, you will be able to use it with FORTIFY.

In independent trials that were conducted alongside CalFire, FORTIFY showed the ability to almost completely stop the spread of fire, even after half an inch of rain was placed on the vegetation and weathered for 2 months. The US Forest service would have said the probability of ignition was 100% in this trial. Watch the video to see the effectiveness of FORTIFY after weathering.

If you are interested in how you could apply FORTIFY this season, please reach out to us for pricing and availability in your area.