Fortify XT

In independent trials conducted by university researchers, FORTIFY XT treatment was shown to withstand ignition from a 3700 degree Fahrenheit torch for over 3 minutes, while treatment with competitive products ignited after only 20-30 seconds.


FORTIFY XT is more effective than existing foams and gels used in the industry

FORTIFY XT is activated by heat and creates a barrier that scatters the incoming heat, completely protecting the treated surface from ignition, even well after the water in the formulation has evaporated, as seen below in the video below. LaderaTECH’s proprietary materials can be applied using standard spray equipment and sticks to vertical surfaces, protecting the underlying structure from ignition from direct flame impingement.

If you are interested in how you could apply FORTIFY XT this season, please reach out to us for pricing and availability in your area.