LaderaTech has developed 3 groundbreaking products based on platform technology under a global exclusive license from Stanford University and MIT. 

FORTIFY™ is a product that combines our proprietary VISMOTECH™ technology with an EPA approved fire retardant that has been in use for over 40 years. We are actively selling this product into state agencies and public utilities for the preventative and proactive management of wildfire. Learn more about this breakthrough product by clicking on the link.


FORTIFY XT was specifically engineered to protect assets and critical infrastructure ranging from homes to utility poles from oncoming fires. FORTIFY XT can replace existing foams, gels, and environmentally-hazardous products that often require rehydration every 6-8 hours, putting personnel into potential life-threatening situations.

VismoTECH is a fundamentally new platform of performance enhancing additives that LaderaTECH has global exclusive rights to for use in fire and agriculture. This technology has broad applications for the delivery of wildland fire retardants, as well as the delivery of high-value agrochemicals (e.g., fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides).